Upload Files

Upload Files Using Our Secure Portal


Files MUST to be compressed (zipped) into one folder that is labeled with your company and or identifying name, along with a brief description before uploading. This helps us to easily identify your job and reduces errors, which facilitates quicker service.

Upload Instructions

  • Collect all of the files used in composing your project, including images and fonts, into one folder on your local drive.
  • Compress the files using Zip. On Mac, right click the folder and choose “Compress” and a zip file will be created. On Windows, we recommend WinZip https://www.winzip.com/en/.
  • To login, click on the link below. Enter your user name and password. Click the “login” button to upload files. When uploading, you will be asked to fill out a form. Please fill out the fields on the form. Items marked with an asterisk are required. It is best to disable any pop-up blockers for our site to ensure the uploads complete successfully. During the upload, please leave the window open until the process completes. You will see a message announcing whether the file was successfully uploaded or not.
  • The site requires a user name and a password. If you do not have that information, please contact your account manager.
  • Download the file preparation checklist for more information.


If you need help, contact us at: 1.888.968.4067